If you often need to apply the same filters to the Contacts Directory, you can now save them by following these simple steps:

Build your filter

From the Contacts Directory, click "Filter" to start building your new filter.

Save your filter

Once you have the set of results you require, click "save this filter"

Name your filter

Give your filter an identifiable name. Normally filters only appear for the user who created them. Admins can choose to create a "flock filter" which will be available to all users.

Apply your filter

Click "Saved Filters" to see the filters available to you. This list will contain your personal filters and any flock filters available.

View your filter

Selecting will replace the current directory with your saved filter. You can then perform actions, or click "Filter" to add further criteria to narrow down your selection.

Update or delete your filter

Select the saved filter you would like to update or delete and then click on "filter" to bring up the rules for that saved filter. You can update or delete the saved filter from the "update" button.

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