There are three 'delete' actions you can take to a record. All actions are on the advanced menu, operated by the three vertical ellipses on all (newer) pages.

  • Delete - (also known as a hard delete) the record is scheduled for deletion and will be permanently deleted after 90 minutes. 
  • Move to bin - the record is removed from search but is kept for 90 days before being permanently deleted.
  • Obfuscate - all personal information on the records will be obscured making it impossible to identify the original person. The record is otherwise left intact so an audit trail and history remains.

Undo / Recovery

Records can be recovered from the 'bin'. The bin is emptied of records older than 90 days (or 90 minutes for a hard delete)

When to use

Delete when you have made a mistake.
Move to bin when you have found data that is no longer needed.
Obfuscate when the data subject uses their right to be forgotten.


Delete and Obfuscate are rolling out with GDPR changes scheduled for May 2018.
Move to bin is the new name for what has traditionally been called 'delete' in Sheep.

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