Connect your accounts

  1. Navigate to settings > api keys
  2. Find the Eventbrite card under 'Event Management'
  3. Click 'Connect to Eventbrite'
  4. You will be prompted to log into Eventbrite and asked if you want to give permission to Sheep

Connecting events

Once the accounts are connected Sheep checks every hour for new Eventbrite events (only events with a start date within the last 2 weeks are considered). 

Sheep will search for existing events with the same Eventbrite ID. If you have already created the event in Sheep you can set the Eventbrite ID from the booking page. Find the 'Additional Information' card and click edit. Paste the Eventbrite ID into the Eventbrite field.

Sheep checks Eventbrite twice a day for changes and will automatically find or create:

  • the event booking, dates and location
  • new contact records for attendees
  • payment records for ticket purchases
  • tickets including any new ticket types

NB: The Eventbrite ID is the numeric code in the Eventbrite URL e.g.
The ID is 37335093269 

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