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Team Leader Accounts

Volunteer / Applicant accounts are different from management / team leader accounts. Team leaders need to be invited by the central administrator and will need a separate account and password.

Team Leader Login:

A Team Leader user account needs the following three elements to work:

  1. A person records with a unique email address
  2. A 'team leader' user account with the correct email (that matches the person record)
  3. An active team with the person set as the team leader

Troubleshooting Team Leaders
Can't login:
Reset password
Can't login after resetting password: Check the email address for typos / uniqueness
Can't see team:
Check that the team is active and that the team leader has been set, Check the permissions of the user.

Application Workflow.
Applications move through a number of states:

  • started -  the application has been started
  • applied - the application has been submitted and can't be modified
  • ready-for-references - the application has passed review and references can now be requested
  • checking - the application is out, pending references
  • references-received -  references are back and ready to checked
  • accepted - the application has been accepted
  • waiting -  the application is waiting to be accepted when space permits
  • cancelled
  • rejected 
  • flagged - the application has a problem and needs human review/action

Application changes. Applications are locked once submitted so that the team leaders review. If an application needs changing then the team leader should flag the application and contact the Volunteer Coordinator requesting that the application be re-opened.

Resending References. If the references requests need to be resent then the Team Leader

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