Starter packs are one-off packages that enable you to get up and running.


You don't need to pay any setup fee with this choice. If you're confident reformatting data in Excel and with SaaS products then this is for you.

  • Upload your own data from spreadsheets

  • Clean your own data

  • Standard fields

  • Setup your own integrations

  • Self guided training

  • 1st month phone support

Sheep may use a different data model to your current system. You may therefore need to break some records apart e.g. A membership record in Sheep is a person record with one or more membership records (one for each year or membership period)

Quick Start

As the names suggests: Quick Start will get you up and running quickly. We'll hand over a fully configured system with your old data moved across.

  • Standard data migration (from spreadsheets)

  • Automated data cleaning

  • Standard fields

  • Guided integration setup

  • Remote screen share training

  • 4 x 30 min 1:1 sessions

With our standard data migration you'll deliver us your data in spreadsheet format. Some preparation may be required on your part to get the data into roughly the 'right shape'. The quick start package buys you a couple of hours of development time which we'll use to tidy up and reformat the data. (If you think your data may need more work send us a sample and we'll let you know).

Automated data cleaning is a set of standard cleanup procedures that we can run over your data to cleanup common problems (e.g. badly formatted phone numbers, generating town and county data from a UK postcode).

Project Managed

If your data is complicated or you have bespoke requirements then talk to us about designing a personal on-boarding project.

  • Complex data migrations (e.g. MySQL, AccessDB)

  • Bespoke data cleaning or refactoring

  • Custom fields

  • Guided integration setup

  • On site training

  • Personalised training plan

We will try to migrate data from almost any source (including paper). Complexity in a data migration can come from the format (great data just in obscure XML files) or from the data (e.g. poor/mixed up data in a XLS). 

A complex data migration may require a significant time investment from you. We are able to sanity check the data but only you will be able to spot subtle issues.

A project managed approach may also be suitable if you have a large team and you'd like help in training them to use Sheep.

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