Xero as a finance system doesn't need to worry about the person/organisation in the same way that Sheep does. Sheep will try to do the right thing in understanding which entity (the person or the organisation) should get the Xero connection. However there will always be cases where the wrong decision is made. 

How to move the Xero connection from a person to an organisation (or between any 2 contacts).

Copy and delete the wrongly attached identifier

  1. Navigate to the 'Meta' tab on the contact

  2. Find the Xero identifier 

  3. Copy the identifier

  4. Delete the identifier

Create a new identifier

  1. Navigate to the target contact and again go to the 'Meta' tab

  2. Click 'New External ID'

  3. Enter 'Xero' as the system/service

  4. Paste the identifier you carefully copied earlier

Finding the Xero ID

If you want to create the connection yourself you can find the ID for a contact by loading that contact in Xero and selecting the ID from the URL.

The ID is a sequence of numbers and letters between the slashes (/). These IDs are used for all types of data in Xero - make sure that you are viewing the contact not, for example, an invoice for that contact.

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