Hosted Gift Aid forms are a new feature (Summer '18) available as a free upgrade for the fundraising module.

Hosted Gift Aid Declaration form

Try it your self:

How it works

  • The form is standard but we will use your logo, tagline, and introduction.
  • We will use the data submitted in the form to match to an existing person, if they aren't found then a new person will be created.
  • Name and address data: if the user already exists then we won't over-write existing data. (The user hasn't been verified yet)
  • The gift aid declaration is stored as an 'evidence' record against the user.
  • Multiple gift aid declarations can be uploaded, we will check the dates to know if the declaration is active.
  • The declarations can be edited and withdrawn through the self-service Sheep App (see later steps)


The user can continue to register for the self service Sheep App. This step isn't required but it allows the user to check their personal information and to make changes if necessary.

The user will be sent a security token to verify their email address. We only allow a user to make changes to their record when they have verified their account.

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