Autofill is a powerful paid integration with Clearbit which can help you fill in your records from minimal data. The data is sourced from over 250 public and private sources and verified by Clearbit for accuracy through strict quality assurance processes.

How does it work?

Any contact (person or organisation) can be enriched. A person records requires an email address, an organisation requires a website. 

The email or website are sent to the Clearbit API and if a match is found the data is under-merged. (Under-merged means that we won't over-write your existing data, only empty values will be replaced.) A journal entry is added to show exactly which fields have added. Note the lookup can take a few seconds, the page will show a notification when it finishes.

We've been testing it for a few months and found it very good on medium to large size companies and professionals (individuals with a public account on linkedin/twitter). It isn't intended for private individuals and the coverage is expectedly poor.

How much does it cost?

Each successful autofill uses one token, each token costs 10p (tokens may be used for other paid services such as SMS so the price and 'exchange rate' of tokens may vary in future.) Contact us to purchase tokens (min purchase £10).

How does this work with GDPR?

Clearbit have written about GDPR on their site. Their legal opinion may differ from yours and you must make your own decision about the use of third party data. The use of autofill is optional, if you don't purchase tokens then autofill won't be used.

Is batch processing available?

Yes, contact us and we can batch process your database or a subset of your database.

Example before

Example after auto-fill

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