Sheep offers the ability to merge duplicates but sometimes a merge happens when it shouldn't. There isn't an undo on the merge button (yet).

Recent merges
The duplicate record is moved to the recycle bin and then deleted after 90 days. If the merge is within the last 90 days then you can recover the record. 

  1. Look in the journal for a merge records entry

  2. The first line will provide the uri of the record e.g. /example/person/54aaf7b23078f80d90d8ca7b/

  3. Navigate to this record by editing your URL to be followed by the record URI

  4. Click to undelete/recover the record

Older merges
When you need to undo a merge that has been deleted you will need to contact support. Please provide the following:

  1. The names of the people e.g. Jack and Jill Smith

  2. The merged record URI e.g. Jill /example/person/54aaf7b23078f80d90d8ca7b/

  3. Create a new record for the other person e.g. Jack Smith

  4. Edit the merged record to remove data from the other person. (The journal will contain a record with details on the data that was merged

  5. You should now have one 'full' record with the bad merge data and one new record with the basic data 

  6. Identify the records which need to be moved to the new record (These might be journals, donations, teams, group memberships etc). Put these in the support message. NOTE. in simple cases the full list in the journal will need moving. Watch out for merges of merges, these need more careful unpicking.

  7. The support team can move the supplementary records across for you.

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