A user may wish to change the email address associated with their SheepApp account. The email address is used to secure the account so changes of email must be checked carefully.

A person record can have many email addresses but a self-service user account can only have one email address (which is also the username).

Due to the security implications involved in updating a SheepApp account, only users with Admin rights will be able to complete these steps.


  1. Verify that the new email address does indeed belong to the user. It is important that you have confirmed this to ensure you do not expose personal data to identity fraud 
  2. In SheepCRM, change the person's primary email address. You must remove the previous email address until the SheepApp account has been updated
  3. Once this is done, on the Meta view, find the App User Account card and click "Add User". They'll be sent an activation email to their new email address.
  4. If required, any other email addresses can now be added back to the person's record.


  • simply changing the email address stored against a person's record in SheepCRM will not cause their account email address to change, and may result in a loss of functionality for that user.
  • If SheepApp accounts are being used for authentication against third-party websites and services, we cannot guarantee all associated information will be moved to the new email address.
  • We will be offering the ability for users to change their own email address from within SheepApp in due course.

This process only applies to the self-service app (app.sheepcrm.com), users of SheepCRM need to request an email change through support with authorisation by the account admin.

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