Sheep will allow you to collect as many email addresses as you need for a contact. You can optional choose to label the email address e.g. home  or work 

Changing an email address is as simple as editing any other field. However because email address is frequently used to link to other systems there are a few issue to be aware of.

🐵 Mailchimp

To replace an email in Mailchimp:

  • Find the person record

  • Click edit on the email card

  • Add new email to the person

  • Click the small star ⭐ to the right of the email to mark the new email as the primary address

  • Click the Mailchimp panel selector (right hand sidebar)

  • Subscribe the new email to Mailchimp

  • Unsubscribe old email (same form - you will see one set of email lists per email address)

  • Return to the email card and remove the email from person (or leave in place with an old email  label

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