Discourse is a popular forum for 'civilised discussion'. Discourse has it's own user registration but you may want your members to use their Sheep App login credentials.

Discourse Settings

These setup instructions will help guide you through the config needed on your Discourse instance.

⚠️ Before making any changes ensure that you have backed up your data and have root access to your Discourse instance. If the SSO doesn't work for any reason you may find yourself locked out.

💡 For convenience (and to avoid having to resort to the command line) keep an admin session open to your Discourse instance while testing.

The SSO URL you will need is:


replace {client}  with your client identifier.

(note the lack of a trailing slash - discourse won't allow a trailing slash)

Take a note of the secret that you use (you'll need to set the same value in SheepCRM)

SheepCRM Settings

From Settings find the Discourse API card.

  • Set the Discourse URL to the URL of your instance (include https://)

  • Set the secret to the same value you set in the Discourse settings

By default only registered self-service users with an active membership will be given access to your Discourse. If you have different access policies please contact us to discuss.

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