If you need to move an event to another date, please follow this process:

  1. From the Theme 5 event page click "manage venues"
  2. Click "Open Venues Panel"
  3. For each of your venues or spaces unconfirm the space booking and then click the edit icon (square with a pencil). 
  4. Change the date & time (don't forget to change both start and end dates!)
  5. Re-confirm the booking.

The booking start and end dates are automatic and will stretch to the venue/space bookings within them. If your booking was 2 hours and is now 4 days then check that you've moved all the sessions and that the start/end dates are correct.

Any tickets that have been sold to this event will stay attached to the event. However the event date on the tickets does not automatically update. Please contact support and we can update the tickets on your behalf.

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