Sheep provides a simple blank template to get you started with sending email. You will want to write your own templates for frequent email topics. Email templates are controlled from settings.

Emails can be sent to single recipients or in bulk to multiple recipients as explained separately below. 

Sending an email - to a single recipient 

  • Find the recipient
  • If they have an email you will see a "send email to ..."
  • Clicking the send email button will open an message pop-up.
  • Choose from your available templates
  • Pick your subject
  • Optional: Select what the email is regarding (e.g. a particular ticket, membership, donation etc)
  • Personalise your message as needed
  • Save and View

Checking your message before sending

Your draft message is saved and can be found again in the journal tab of any recipient.

Simple messages should look as you intended and can be sent straight away.

If you are sending to many people or have used template tags in your email then you may have errors or may want to check the format before sending.

If you have errors then the message preview will show you the error. Common errors are missing } brackets or referring to pieces of data which don't exist.

Choose 'Send test to me' to get a copy of the email sent to your own email address.

If you need to make changes then 'edit' and repeat until you are happy.

See template tips and tricks for some help on template tags.

Sending an email - to multiple recipients 

  • Enter the contacts directory 
  • Filter your results to the desired recipients 
  • Click the 'Actions' button (if you cannot see it, you need to hide the filter)
  • Select the 'email' option
  • The same template and send instructions apply from the section above. 
  • Select the correct GDPR purpose from the drop down list. 
  • The system will advise you how many of your selected contacts have GDPR records for the purpose selected. 
  • Enter the reason for processing the selected contact data e.g. Sending newsletter
  • Please now follow the instructions above for selecting the template etc. 
  • For info: Bulk emails are limited to 1500 recipients unless a higher number has been agreed with us directly. 
  • When sending email in bulk it is always advisable to send a test first.

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