Areas of interest are a form of tags which you can present to your contacts and members in their membership sign up steps and within their self-service account. 

Each area of interest choice can be created and managed in settings, they should be services you provide or options relevant to the membership and your organisation, for example; 'Events', Fundraising, Volunteering, Social, Cooking etc. 

Your contacts can select which ones are of most interest to them, which means that you are able to segment your members, communications etc by these interests in the contact and members directories. 

To create or edit the areas of interest in settings, you need administrator permissions. 

sheepCRM > Settings > Contacts > Areas of interest

To add a new interest; click into the section, fully type your interest, click the underlined version, and repeat. Press save. 

To remove an interest: click the x on the interest/s you wish to remove. Press Save. 

NB: You cannot edit an interest, only replace by deleting, adding new ones. 


  1. To create a specific order use a prefix e.g. 1 - Events, 2 - Social 

Finding interests on your contact records. 

These are found in the segmentation section of a contact profile, where you also find tags. 

You can filter to specific interests within the contact directory also, by adding a filter rule > interests. 

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