A lifecycle event is a system notification of an interesting something that has happened within SheepCRM. "Interesting" is a bit strong; these are incredibly dull events and there are thousands of them being created every day. They are however useful when connected up to an action.


Lifecycle event - the something that has happened

Action - a task that should occur in response to an event

Trigger - the connection between the event and the action

Available Trigger Events

see https://docs.sheepcrm.com/core/data-events.html for a full list of triggers

Available Actions

  • Create draft email from a template

  • Send templated email (to the member/contact)

Please note: When using an action that involves an email template, please make sure that the email template name is not changed as this will break the trigger.

Future Actions under consideration:

  • Create Zapier trigger

  • Send webhook

  • Send SMS

  • Send email to a fixed address (e.g. an administrator)


Events old than 36 hours will not trigger an event. This allows you to enter older data without fear of triggering actions. e.g. backfilling payments without sending receipts.

Events dates use the date of the thing that are referring to e.g. for payments it is the payment date, tickets use the creation date of the record (usually representing the purchase date)

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