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Please refer to our public security page

Multi-factor Authentication

MFA or Two factor auth is a mechanism that checks your credentials via two (or more) different means. The usual approach is to use you a password and a code sent to your mobile phone.

You can setup MFA from your profile page.

  • Navigate to you profile (User icon with a wrench on the blue left hand menu)

  • Provide a mobile phone number

  • Choose SMS from the Two-Factor Authentication setting

When logging into sheepCRM you will be asked for your username and password as before. If your password is correct you will then be sent a six digit code by SMS. The SMS will be sent from 62884 (this is not the code). Type the code into your browser to log in.

Note: Do not choose this option if you live or work in an area with poor mobile reception.

If you lose your phone or become locked out of your account in some other way please contact support and we can turn off MFA for you.

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