Provisional format for uploading bulk consent

Format: Windows CSV format

Used to find/create a person in Sheep

Matching fields

  • sheep_uri - the sheep unique ID e.g. /{flock name}/person/5012345566/
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • title - only use if email not available
  • postal_code - only use if email not available
  • date_of_birth - only use if email not available

Consent fields

  • context: this should be the text presented to the personĀ 
  • context_url: where was the context shown to the user (doesn't have to be a URL could be a document ref)
  • source: how have you collected this consent? paper form, web form, third party system (optional but highly recommended)
  • source_reference: reference to accompany source (optional)
  • channel: communication channel or activity for this consent: 'email', 'post', 'sms', 'telephone', 'social media', 'process', 'share', 'profile' (required, users can define their own values). The field is a single value not a list. Multiple channels should be recorded as multiple consent records.
  • purpose: (see below)
  • date : date the person granted consent
  • expiry_date : date the consent will expire (optional)
  • withdrawal_date : date the consent was withdrawn (optional, use to record that a consent did exist but has now been withdrawn

example purposes:

  • help requests
  • occasional updates
  • partner marketing
  • profiling
  • promotion/marketing/appeal
  • referrals/recommendations
  • related information
  • sell
  • share
  • training
  • updates/news
  • frequent updates
  • volunteering/job opportunities

The purpose is your internal short description for the data processing activity. You may have several similar consent forms all for the same purpose. The purpose is used by Sheep when segmenting data for processing. e.g. Export all people that have an active consent given for the purpose of 'partner marketing'

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