Sheep provides extra fields to MailChimp. Turn on these fields so that you can see them in your list:

  • Navigate to Lists (top menu in MailChimp)
  • Select the lists
  • 'Manage contacts' is usually the default sections shown
  • Click Toggle Columns to show/hide the extra Sheep fields

Dynamic Segments

  • Navigate to the list view in MailChimp¬†
  • click 'Create A Segment'
  • Add any other filters that you would normally use
  • Add a Sheep GDPR filter

Note: Due to limitations on MailChimp fields the Sheep GDPR data has to be converted into a comma delimited sentence e.g. fundraising - email, news - email, . You therefore need to select 'contains' not 'is'. The GDPR strings are a combination of the GDPR 'purpose' and the 'channel'. You can see these values in the Sheep contact directory. 

MailChimp also limits the length of this field to 256 characters so if you choose to have lots of different purpose statements you may want to keep the names in Sheep short.

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