Sheep provides extra fields to MailChimp. Turn on these fields so that you can see them in your list:

  • Navigate to Lists (top menu in MailChimp)
  • Select the lists
  • 'Manage contacts' is usually the default sections shown
  • Click Toggle Columns to show/hide the extra Sheep fields

Dynamic Segments

  • Navigate to the list view in MailChimp¬†
  • click 'Create A Segment'
  • Add any other filters that you would normally use
  • Add a Sheep GDPR filter

Note: Due to limitations on MailChimp fields the Sheep GDPR data has to be converted into a comma delimited sentence e.g. fundraising - email, news - email, . You therefore need to select 'contains' not 'is'. The GDPR strings are a combination of the GDPR 'purpose' and the 'channel'. You can see these values in the Sheep contact directory. 

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