Membership Status

  • Active - a current membership where the start date has passed but the end date is in the future
  • Lapsed - a membership where the end date has passed
  • Cancelled is for a membership which is terminated before the natural end. Lapsed is for a membership which has completed, where the end date is in the past.
  • Future is for a membership which has not yet started, where the start date is in the future.
  • Incomplete - a partially completed record with key information missing
  • Pending - a completed record that requires manual activation (usually due to a missing payment)

We re-use the same terminology for a person (member). We look across all membership records to determine the status of a member (some organisation allow concurrent memberships).

Member Status

  • Active - a current membership exists
  • Cancelled - the member has cancelled prematurely
  • Lapsed - (ex-member) the person didn't renew their membership when it lapsed
  • Future - isn't currently a member but will be when the start date of their membership passes
  • Pending - a member who has not been activated

Member Tags

Sheep will add automatic tags to contacts to help with reporting.

  • 🐑 auto-renew
  • 🐑 auto-renew no-mandate
  • 🐑 member
  • 🐑 linked-member
  • 🐑 multi-linked member (have more than 1 active linked membership)
  • 🐑 multi-member (have more than 1 active membership)
  • 🐑 qualifying member (active or lapsed and within grace period)
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