Abilities keep track of a person's skill set, qualifications, and completed training. Abilities help you staff your duties with people who are capable or sufficiently qualified to do the job.

Managing abilities

Abilities are managed in Settings. Add to, and remove from, the specified field to control which abilities are assignable in Sheep.

Adding abilities to a contact

Once you've added a set of abilities in Sheep, you can assign relevant ones to your staff, volunteers, etc. Anyone with abilities assigned to them will appear in the Staffing Calendar.

  1. Go to the person
  2. Click on the Staffing tab (briefcase)
  3. Select Abilities from menu
  4. Click edit icon in panel
  5. Select/search for relevant abilities in the field
  6. Click save changes button

Removing abilities from a contact

Remove selected abilities from their abilities field to prevent the person appearing for particular duties e.g. qualification is out of date.

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