Create your first connection following these steps:

Get started

1. Add-on

You can start at a spreadsheet level using the add-on. This is good specially when you are start using Sheetgo and want to see the end result of the connection right away. 

  • Install Sheetgo add-on
  • Open a Google spreadsheet. Start Sheetgo by going to the Add-ons menu and click on "Sheetgo" > "Start"

2. Webapp

You can create connections at the webapp, where you can see your dashboard of connections and manage them with a broader view of the solution you are creating.

  • Go to webapp 
  •  Log in with your google account

Create a connection

1. Click on the plus sign,

3. Select the "Data source", this is your source spreadsheet, can be one or more spreadsheet, and then select the sheet (tab) that you want to transfer,
4. Select the "Data destination", this is the spreadsheet where the data form the data source will transferred to,

5. Click on the check mark.

This is your first connection. Congrats!

Now, let’s go check out the connection settings to customize your connections in your own way. 

Connection examples

Here are some examples of connections that you can create. Remember that all these files have to be inside Google Drive.

Google Sheet to Google Sheet

  • Source: Google Sheet
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet

Excel to Google Sheet

  • Source: Excel file
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet

CSV to Google Sheet

  • Source: CSV file
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet
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