The consolidate feature was created to merge multiple similar databases into a single spreadsheet vertically. To use the consolidate option your source data must be structured the same, that is it must have the same header row.

Consolidate options

You have two options when creating a consolidate connection:

  1.  Selecting a folder
  2.  Selecting sheet by sheet 

Consolidating by folder will make creating your connection much faster and will allow you to add new source sheets to the connection without the need to edit connection. All it requires is that all of the sheets that you plan to consolidate (and nothing else) are stored in the same folder.

Create a consolidate connection

In order to create a consolidate connection follow the steps below:

  1. Select your source
  2. Choose the way to consolidate

To consolidate from folder, after clicking ‘Add source’, select the folder you want and click ‘Select this folder’.

Now you must select which sheet you would like to connect to

  • Every first sheet of all the files in the folder 
  • Same named sheet in all the files in the same folder. 

When selecting sheet by sheet, you can add multiple sources individually:

Once you start working with a lot of sources sometimes it's hard to find where specific data came from. To solve this problem you have the option to enable Consolidate identify source.

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