Use Consolidate to merge multiple sheet tabs into a single sheet. All source sheets need to use the same layout, i.e. the same column and header row structure.

Consolidate options

Consolidate in two different ways:

  1. Consolidate all sheets from a selected folder
  2. Or specify the sheets individually

Consolidate from folder is faster and more efficient. Just add new spreadsheets to your folder to add them to your consolidate without having to edit your connection. 

Consolidate from folder

To consolidate from folder, after clicking ‘Add source’, select the folder you want and click ‘Select this folder’.

Next, select which sheets you would like to consolidate:

  • Every first sheet from all spreadsheets inside the folder 
  • Specify the name of the sheet from all spreadsheets inside the folder

Consolidate individually

When selecting sheet by sheet, you can add multiple sources individually:

Tip: identify source

With a lot of sources, it can become difficult to trace back from which sources the data come from. Enable Identify source to add a column to your destination that tells you the source origin of your data.

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