Connecting spreadsheets

A connection in Sheetgo is created any time you connect 2 or more spreadsheets to transfer data from source(s) to a destination. 

With Sheetgo you can connect Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, TSV, and ODS files stored in Google Drive

Create your first connection 

  1. Click on the green "Plus" icon in your Add-on or Web App
  2. Select the "Data source" which is the source spreadsheet from where you want to transfer data from. Then select the sheet (tab) from that spreadsheet that you want to transfer.
  3. Select the "Data destination" which is the spreadsheet to which data form the data source will be transferred to. On add-on, by default the data destination is the Google Sheet that you are currently using.
  4. Save the connection to begin the data transfer.

Connection examples

Here are some examples of connections that you can create. Remember that all of these files must be in your Google Drive.

Google Sheet to Google Sheet

  • Source: Google Sheet
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet

Excel to Google Sheet

  • Source: Excel file
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet

CSV to Google Sheet

  • Source: CSV file
  • Destination: new or existing Google Sheet
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