Everything in Sheetgo starts by connecting sheets (tabs) between spreadsheets to automate manual processes.

First and foremost, our basic terminology:

  • Connection

A connection is created every time you link a sheet (tab) from a source spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet.
When using consolidate feature, you'll create one connection by selecting multiple source sheets and transferring this data to a single sheet in the destination spreadsheet. This enables you to create a master sheet from distributed data sets.

  • Update

Each time a connection runs to transfer data from the source to the destination spreadsheet it counts as an update.

  • Sheets

Sheets are the tabs contained in your spreadsheet with the data distributed in the columns and rows. For excel users, it’s a synonym for worksheet.

  • Spreadsheet

We consider a spreadsheet to be a synonym for workbook, which is where you have your sheets. Using Sheetgo you’ll always be selecting a source spreadsheet- the one that you want to send data from- , and the destination spreadsheet, -which is the one you are going to send data to-.

Accessing Sheetgo

Sheetgo can be accessed using our Google Sheet add-on or our web platform:

  • Add-on 

The add-on is used when you want to transfer data directly from your spreadsheet, bring data from other spreadsheets, or manage the ones you already have.
In short, simply open Sheetgo from the add-on's menu in Google Sheets to directly create workflows and analysis, among others.  
Get started by installing the Add-on here: Google Sheet marketplace. Once installed, you can open Sheetgo like this:

Collaborate with your team using your shared spreadsheets. All team members, after installing the Sheetgo add-on, will be able to manage the connections from a spreadsheet they have access to, even when it is created by another colleague. 

  • Web platform

The web platform offers you a dashboard view of all your connections. It also allows you to manage and create new connections. It’s especially useful when you develop a data flow with multiple connections including a large number of spreadsheets. In sum, manage your account on the web platform.

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