Enable automatic updates to ensure your data is always up to date even when you are not in front of your computer to manually run a connection. We offer several update schedules depending on your needs:: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

Scheduling your updates

Automatic updates happen in the background at the scheduled interval time. To set them up: 

  • Open your Google Sheets sidebar Add-on or the Sheetgo Web App interface
  • Click on the menu item Connections
  • For the connection you want to turn on automatic updates, click on the three dots next to the arrow and select "Edit connection"
  • Within this sub-menu to edit your connection, go to step (3) "Settings"
  • Select Automatic Updates
  • Click the checkbox "enable automatic updates"
  • Set up your desired frequency

Note: Optionally, you can turn on the error notification for that particular connection to receive an email whenever this connection fails to update successfully.

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