Filter and Query

Filters are useful when you want to transfer a subset of the data, instead of an entire sheet.

This is a powerful feature to support you in sharing sensitive data to only share a part of the information, and still benefit from automatic updates.

You can filter based on:

  • Simple condition(s)

This will transfer the data from all source columns and rows that have the conditions you select.

You can add multiple conditions and combine them by choosing if the data has to match all or any, same way a "AND" and "OR".

  • Select specific columns

You can use query language to filter only specific columns, select multiple conditions, and format data in the destination using SQL queries like syntax

As an example, if you need to select only information in columns A, K and L, you would write:  SELECT A,K,L

  • Multiple conditions

Using the same field of query language you can create advanced formulas to select your data. Check out some examples in this article.


Create a historical record an can be used only with single sources.


Automatic Updates 

You can edit how and when your data can be updated on your connection settings.
By default, automatic update is set to update everyday at midnight (“Daily at midnight”).


Naming connections

The name you give your connections is the name of the tab that it will create in the destination spreadsheet.



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