Consolidate enables you to merge all of your multiple source spreadsheets into the same mastersheet destination.

Having well structured and organized data is important to make your life easier when merging multiples sources.

Consolidate options

You have two options to create your consolidate connection:

  1.  Selecting a folder, or
  2.  Selecting sheet by sheet. 

The folder selection will make creating consolidate connections faster and requires that a single folder has all of the sheets that you plan to consolidate (and nothing else). It also gives you the flexibility to be able to add or exclude sheets from your consolidate automatically as you add them or exclude them from the folder.

Create a consolidate connection

You can select from either of these consolidate options as you are adding you first source spreadsheet. 

  1. Select your source
  2. Choose the way to consolidate

For selecting a folder, after clicking in ‘Add source’, select the folder you want and click ‘Select this folder’.

When you use Consolidate from folder, you get an exclusive feature to bring all the data at the same time from every single sheet on the folder:

  • Every first sheet.
  • Same named sheet in all the files in the same folder. 

When selecting sheet by sheet, you can add multiple sources individually:

Once you start working with a lot of sources sometimes it's hard to find where specific data came from. To solve this problem you now have the option to enable Consolidate identify source.

This will add a new column to your imported data where each row will have its own origin information in the format 

[Folder Name] : [Origin Sheet Name] : [Origin Tab Name].

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