Sheetgo enables you to create your own automated data flow in spreadsheets in a simple and reliable way.

Keep in mind that your spreadsheet(s) should be stored in Google Drive. Learn more.

What can I do with Sheetgo? 

Even if you are a non technical person, you’ll be able to automate data transfer in a few clicks. So, why work manually if you can save several hours per week using Sheetgo? 

Additionally, you’ll be able to share a subset of data with colleagues and consolidate information from multiple sources. In short, you can design an in-house solution that fits your needs with the flexibility to manage data flow the way you want it, whenever you want it.

Who uses Sheetgo?

Companies of all sizes that need to create flexible and affordable solutions for their data and workflow management. 

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How does Sheetgo make a difference?

Anyone in your team can automate data transfer in any way that they need without technical skills, eliminating hours of repetitive work per week.

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