What & Why

With Workflow you can group your connections as a system, set up cascade updates and share these grouped connection with your team.

How it works?

  • Create a workflow

You can create directly from the workflow dashboard.

  • Add a connection to your Workflow

Go to your connection dashboard,  click to "Add to a workflow" and select the workflow you want to list this connection.
You can have one connection listed in multiple workflows.


  • Set up automatic update time for your workflow ¬†

Set up a automatic update timing and guarantee that the connections inside with be updated after this time. Just click on the tree dots to and select "Manage workflow".

  • Cascading updates via drag-and-drop sorting

Drag and drop the connections in your workflow to manage the order in which they will update. This allows you to execute your entire workflow at once in the order that desire, avoiding updating dependent data at the same time, or waiting an hour to execute the next automatic. The workflow will update from TOP -> DOWN order, which means will runs updates from top connections until it reaches the bottom.

  • Add members in your workflow

When adding member at your workflow, you are sharing this grouped connection with these members. After sharing, they will be able to see your workflow at their workflow dashboard.
Go to your workflow, select manage members and add your colleagues emails.
Have in mind that they need to previously login to Sheetgo.

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