1. Your file(s) exceed(s) Google Sheets limit of 5 million cells 

Google Sheets counts all cells from all tabs inside your spreadsheet, including blank cells. To check the current amount of cells used, please consult this add-on.

How to fix: Remove any blank cells, columns, rows and sheets. Furthermore, remove any no longer needed cells. If you still exceed the limit, split the data logically among several spreadsheets  and use Sheetgo to connect your data.


2. Source files have different column headers. Read more

Sheetgo cannot consolidate sheets that have different column headers, i.e. different columns. Every source sheet needs to follow the same column order. 

How to fix: Adjust your source sheets headers manually the more it looks like a data table the better your data Design is.

3. Source files are too large! Try to consolidate fewer files, or delete non-essential data(sum of the files size)

You have reached the maximum amount of sheets that can be consolidated. However, we are constantly working on increasing this number.

How to fix: Consolidate less files into each connection. If you really need to consolidate this amount please send us a message at support@sheetgo.com.

4. File is too large to connect to. Consider dividing the file or deleting non-essential data(when 1 file exceed the limit)    

The file you are trying to connect to is too large. However, we are constantly improving the support for large files.

How to fix: Go into your source spreadsheet and delete any unneeded information, i.e. non-required sheet tabs, or blank rows and columns.

5. You don't have access to edit the destination file. Please request edit permission from the owner of the spreadsheet

Sheetgo requires edit permissions for the destination spreadsheet in order to transfer data from the source to the destination. 

How to fix: Please ensure you have edit access to the destination. If required, ask the spreadsheet owner to grant you permission. Furthermore, ensure you don’t have any protected ranges that prevents Sheetgo from writing to the destination spreadsheet

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