Estimates are the backbone of profitable veterinary practices. Shepherd believes that quick and accurate estimates help veterinarians get to work sooner, and help clients see clearly what is needed to help their pets.

It is best-medicine practice to provide clients with an estimate for ANY service provided and to get their approval prior to service. Estimates also help provide value and insight into state of the art medicine for clients.

Creating an Estimate

  1. Open a SOAP by checking the patient in. When a SOAP is opened, an estimate is automatically generated on the SOAP Summary Page. It is labeled with the date and time it was created.

2. Click on that estimate to begin adding the products or services you would like to present to the owner. You may also click to add another estimate at any time. 

3. If not already added, enter the patient's weight. Note the weight is required as Shepherd will calculate how many mLs are to be given on injections based on the mg/kg dose ordered by the doctor. 

4. Search for and add the products or services you would like to present to the owner. You can choose the quantity of each item from high to low, or simply leave it at the default of 1 to 1. 

Adding Injections

If the product is an injectable drug you will add the dose ordered. 

Example: on Cerenia you will enter 1mg/kg for the dose and then you will choose the number of injections for this estimate. If this is a hospitalized case, and you believe this patient may stay for 1-3 days, then your quantity range will be 1 - 3 since Cerenia is only administered every 24 hours. 

If you order a drug that is given every 8 hours, then your range in this case would be 3 - 9.

Adding Prescriptions

If the product is a prescription you will choose the number of tablets per prescription, and then choose the number of prescription refills for this estimate, if applicable. Most prescriptions will be a quantity of 1 - 1 (default).

Note you can drag and drop to re-order items on the estimate by clicking on the options icon next to each item. 

5. Add any relevant notes you would like to display on the estimate for the client. The notes could reference any payment policies or additional information regarding the treatment plan. 

Approving or Declining an Estimate

Once you have completed all the items on the estimate, you will then present it to the owner for approval. You may collect an electronic signature, print the estimate for an ink signature or simply show the client for manual approval.  

Electronic Signature 

You can have the client sign the estimate electronically by clicking on Request Client Signature. This will open a signature box where the client can easily sign with their finger using a tablet. 

Note after a client signature is entered it will ask for a team member to enter a pin number for security reasons. 

Printing for an Ink Signature 

You may print the estimate to collect an ink signature from the client by clicking on the options icon. 

Note if you are printing the estimate for an ink signature you can upload a copy of the signed estimate into the documents section under the assessment portion of the SOAP by scanning and uploading or simply taking a picture with the tablet’s camera.

Manually Approving or Declining 

Whether you are printing the estimate for the client, reviewing it verbally over the phone or simply showing them the estimate on the tablet screen you can manually approve or decline the estimate by clicking on Manual Approve/Decline. 

Make sure that you note how the client viewed and approved the estimate using the Approval Notes section. For example, note that the owner reviewed the estimate in the exam room and verbally approved it. 

Declined Estimates 

If the Client declines the treatments presented on the estimate, simply you can “duplicate” any estimate to make changes without starting from the beginning, but clicking on the options icon in the upper right corner of any estimate, and selecting “Duplicate Estimate.” This saves time when altering estimates to meet the client’s needs.

Adding Items to the Treatment Plan

After the estimate is approved, you then have the option to push the approved items to the treatment plan by clicking Add Products to Plan. 

By clicking Add Products to Plan, this will push all of the items on the estimate over to the Plan in the “P” tab. From there you can finish scheduling and administering your treatments.

Remember, all products and services marked administered are automatically added to the invoice and recorded in the record through the treatment history. Also, any linked discharge instructions will be populated automatically once marked administered. 

Having both the invoice and discharge instructions completed automatically is a HUGE time saver and one of the many benefits of Shepherd!

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