If you are transitioning from paper charts you can scan and easily upload your records into Shepherd.

Scanning Records 

When you are scanning records from a paper chart you may opt to separate out different sections of the record to make it easier to review in the future. For example, you may find it easier to separate all of the previous lab work from the general medical record notes. Separating the records into different sections may help for faster review in the future so you do not have to scroll through and review one large PDF. 

After you have scanned the records, you will want to ensure you title your PDF with something that is easily referenced in Shepherd. For example, you may have "Cypher Castro - Lab Work" and "Cypher Castro - Medical Records" if you are opting to separate different parts of the record. 

Uploading Scanned Records

After you have your scanned records saved as a PDF or multiple PDFs, you will upload this into Shepherd. 

Open the patient and click"check in" to open a new SOAP. 

After you have a SOAP open, navigate to the Assessment page. We recommend adding a diagnosis that notes this SOAP has previous or scanned records uploaded. 

To upload the PDF(s), scroll to the bottom of the Assessment page and click on the + icon under Documents. From there you will browse your computer to find the documents recently scanned. 

Once you have the PDF(s) selected you will click "upload". 

After uploading the PDF(s), you may choose to leave a note referencing what was added. This is not required, but you may find it helpful when reviewing records in the future. 

Be sure to click the "Save" button after adding the diagnosis and uploading documents. 

Once you have uploaded and saved all of the information, you may lock this SOAP. To lock the SOAP, navigate to the SOAP Summary page, change the SOAP Status to "In Review" and then click "Lock SOAP".

*It is important to ensure you have all of the information documented or uploaded correctly prior to locking the SOAP. Once a SOAP is locked no further changes can be made outside of the addendum notes and addendum documents. 

After the SOAP has been locked, you will need to close the invoice that is associated with this SOAP. To close the invoice, navigate to the Invoice page, change the invoice state to "Charges Complete" and then click "Checkout Invoice". 

That's it! You have successfully uploaded your scanned paper medical records and can say goodbye to the endless days of searching for missing charts! 

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