You don't need to open a new SOAP to create a quick invoice and in the following help article we will show you how do do that. 

First, navigate to the Client page in your Shepherd install.

If your client is already in the system you can browse the names on the right or choose to search with the search box on the left.  

Once you have found the client you are searching for, click their name to open the client's record. 

You will need to SCROLL DOWN to see the Invoices section and the button to make a new Quick Invoice

Click the button to create a new invoice without opening a SOAP. 

Add items to the new quick invoice by searching for the products. 

(Note: Items added to a quick invoice are not logged within the patient's medical record automatically.)

Be sure to update the quantity to make sure the client is charged appropriately. 

Add the line item to the invoice by using the Green "+" icon or cancel by using the red X. 

The invoice is saved automatically after each line item you add. 

Now your invoice is ready for payment or you can simply add additional line items, remove items, delete the invoice entirely.

Congratulations! You are a quick invoice wizard. 

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