Creating a new user in Shepherd can be done in just a few simple steps. 

Each team member needs to be added as a user and will be assigned a unique 6 digit pin number. Users should never share their pin numbers. 

To get started, navigate to the admin panel in the navigation menu.  You must have admin access to add new users. 

Once you are in the admin settings, simply click Users from the side bar menu on the left.  

Users are broken down into two types, Active and Disabled Users.  Active users are fully functional inside Shepherd and can access the software with their PIN.  Disabled users are not deleted, they are simply put in an inactive state and cannot access your Shepherd software.  This is handy for relief doctors and others who do not need access to your system full time or for someone who will be gone for an extended duration.

Add a new staff member by clicking Add New Staff on the users page. 

To create the new user, add the person's first and last name as well as their email address.  

Remote access
During this step you will be able to allow remote access by clicking the check box.  Allowing remote access will send the user an email asking them to setup a password. Remote access users are able to log in anywhere there is an internet connection.  

Users who are not allowed remote access will only be able to access Shepherd while at the clinic by using their PIN.  A user's remote access can be turned on or off at any time.

PIN number
After creating a new user, Shepherd will create a randomly generated six digit PIN and email it to the new user, regardless of remote access or not.

After creating the user, you must complete the following:

Assign a role
Based on their permission levels, provide access to Shepherd based on the staff member's role. Employees will not have access to admin features like reports (other than the end of day report), adding products/services/diagnosis/users, and the ability to make items and users inactive. 

Select if the user is a doctor
Checking this box will allow the user to show up in the drop downs for the attending doctor in the New Physical Exam O Entry as well as granting the ability to approve prescriptions.  

Be sure to save any changes you have made to the user's profile before leaving the screen.

Production reporting
If you want the ability for production reporting, you must enable production tracking on each user you want the ability for reporting on. Production reporting will not be available unless you have enabled this option under the user account. Tracking will begin once the user account is enabled, but reporting is not available for any previously administered treatments.  

Click here to learn more about production reporting and how to set it up.

Updating users
You can return at any time to update a user's information, disable the user or reset their PIN if they have forgotten.

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