We are happy to help with your data conversion. Please reach out to us on the support chat to discuss more about your needs and any unique circumstances.

Can you upload my clients and patients?

Yes we can!  Usually it’s as simple as providing us with a list of your clients and patients in .CSV form that you can export from your current PMS.  If you need help accessing this report to do the export, we can also assist. 

Can you upload my products and services?

Yes we can! Shepherd is unique in our product set up with automatic drug calculations so there may be a bit of clean up needed with your current products and services prior to import. However, this is the perfect opportunity to review your current data and make any adjustments needed. 

I have electronic medical records. Can those be uploaded?

Yes! As part of our conversion package we can work with you to collect your previous data and import it into Shepherd. Read more. 

I have paper medical records. Can those be uploaded?

Absolutely!  If you are transitioning from paper charts you can scan and easily upload your paper medical records into Shepherd. Read more. 

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