Viewing your old system's information and data is very important for the care of your patients.  We have made it easy to view this information without having to consult a third party system or tool. 

Previous Medical History

To find the medical history for your patient, simply navigate to the patient record and click the Previous Medial History Button.  

Note that this button WILL NOT appear if there are no electronic medical records imported from a previous software. 

On the next page you will see all of the history that has been converted from your old system and is now stored in Shepherd.  The history is sorted by "Newest First" based on the date of the line from the old system. 

You can change the sort method at any time by clicking on the "Visit Date" words at the top of the column.  You can short by ascending or descending order or simply choose a date to see all of the line items for that period. 

You can also filter the "Type" to find the SOAP history for the patient.  It is called "Converted SOAP"

You will notice that the available lines is reduced to only those with a type for the one that was selected.  You can expand the line to reveal all of the text associated with the description on the visit date and type. 

View Patient Documents

To find all of the documents from Shepherd and from the previous system you might have used you will need to navigate to the patient's profile page and click the "View Patient Documents" button. 

From here you will see two sections.  The top section contains documents generated while using Shepherd . The bottom section contains all of the documents, images, and labs generated from your old system. 

To view a large image, simply click on the icon in the lower left corner of any image. 

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