Tasks are a great tool to remind staff about callbacks, duties around the practice, or anything else. 

Here are a couple of highlights with the task list feature. This is a game changer for you and your team! 

  • Quickly enter a task from anywhere in the software
  • Never miss a callback using filters for due dates and assigned team members
  • Add tasks for specific patients or simply an internal "to-do" item for the team 

To access the task list, click on Tasks from the main dashboard.  If you are assigned a task that's due today, or overdue, there will be a red notification dot notifying you next to the Task link on the dashboard.

Once you open the task list you will be able to view all of the tasks across the clinic and then can easily filter by due date and assigned team member. You can also check the boxes to complete, or delete, multiple tasks. 

Anyone can create tasks! You can create tasks from the main list, a client, patient, or anywhere in the app by clicking the + button in the main menu. 

When you are completing a task or leaving a note on a task that is associated with a patient, this will automatically log the details under the notes for that patient on their profile page. 

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