If you would like to export many records for e-mail you can do this fairly easily following these steps. You will have to do each patient separately but at least if there are many visits this will simplify the process a bit for you!

First, go to your patient page that you would like to export:

Then click the button labeled "Export Medical Records". If you choose to view all patient documents at this time you can, just to make sure no private information is released, etc :

Then your exported file will be in the "Downloads" center:

Find the file you would like to download within the zip file center, then click the download link:

This will create the zip file that you can locate in the bottom of the screen (MAC users), Don't open it just yet as you are going to drag and drop that file onto your desktop for the time being in an easily accessible area.

Now open the new e-mail that you are composing to send and drag that desktop file (zip) onto the body of your e-mail. If it is a large file then you will see this screen as it attaches it with google drive:

Now just address your e-mail and send it!

Again, this is to export all SOAPs for that patient. If you do not want to include certain SOAPs for one reason or another, then you will need to attach these separately from the attachment tool within your email (usually a paperclip symbol).

I hope this article helps you but of course if you ever have any questions just reach out to us and we will be happy to further assist you!

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