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How do introductions work?
How do introductions work?
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Booking a free 20-minute introduction is a great way for students and tutors to get to know each other. It's a chance to go through what you would like to cover in your lessons and discuss availability.

When you are searching for a suitable tutor and you find one that you want to meet, click the 'Arrange a free introduction' button.

This will scroll you down and navigate to the calendar feature which shows you all the available times a tutor is free to meet based on their chosen availability and pre-existing commitments.

You will then be asked to send a message and create an account if you have not done so yet. This takes you to the messages page. From here, you can have a small chat with your chosen tutor to provide some context about your needs prior to the meeting.

You are also able to book an introduction with the button shown below - located on the right-hand sidebar of the messages page.

This has to be checked and approved by your tutor before it goes ahead. On the day of the introduction, you are able to join the Sherpa online whiteboard via a link sent to your email inbox 5 minutes before the session starts or by logging on to Sherpa, clicking 'manage bookings' then 'upcoming bookings' and joining from the introduction slot here.

We highly recommend using a laptop/desktop and Google Chrome or another fully up-to-date browser.

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