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How To Book An Introduction
How To Book An Introduction

Guide to meeting your potential new tutor

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Booking an introduction is really easy and there are now 3 ways to do it!

  • Straight from the Tutor's profile

When you are searching for a suitable tutor and you find one that you want to meet, scroll down and navigate to the calendar feature which shows you all the available times a tutor is free to meet based on their chosen availability.

When you have the right tutor's conversation selected on the messages page, select the blue ‘Book an Introduction’ button next to their name.

How to Book

From here, select the date and time, and send the invite to your tutor! It now appears in your 'bookings page' with the badge "pending". This will give them a notification email, asking them to accept the invite if they can make it, or suggest an alternative time if they can't.

Once the tutor has accepted this invitation, the introduction will then be confirmed and ready to go ahead. It will now show as 'upcoming' on the bookings page. 🎉

The tutor can also book an introduction in the same way from their side or suggest an edit to your request.

Don't forget you’ll have to log in and accept the tutor's request this time when you see the notification email!

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