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How do I change the time of/cancel my introduction?
How do I change the time of/cancel my introduction?
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Introductions are a great way to get to know your tutor and spend time on the online whiteboard discussing your revision or target grades.

Your introduction with the chosen tutor can be edited at any time on the 'Bookings Page'.

Change the date or time of your booking with the green 'Edit' button. A new popup will ask you to select a new time and date from your tutor's availability.

If the original request is still pending the tutor's approval, the new time will automatically update. If it has already been confirmed by both sides, the new date or time will have to be approved by your tutor so be careful not to schedule it in the next 10 minutes. Allow them at least some hours to respond.

To avoid any confusion in urgent changes always let your tutor know that you would like to change to re-schedule, do this through your usual messages page.

Cancelling the introduction is done with the 'X' icon next to the green 'Edit' button. Again if you are going to cancel a meeting please let your tutor know why as this was 20 minutes of their time that they had scheduled for you.

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