The Q&A Forum on Sherpa is a great resource for pupils to get an understanding of what is being asked of them in their assignments and get a qualified teacher's opinion on their questions rather than surfing the internet for information that could be provided by anyone.

When a student asks a question on the forum they will be notified when it is answered by one of our teachers and can get a trusted answer very quickly.

How The Forum Can Help You

When a Sherpa tutor answers a question on the forum it helps them in the following ways.

  • One answered question gives you one point on your profile which then relates to your score in the site search rankings. Essentially the more questions you answer the higher up your profile can appear on the site.

  • Every up-vote πŸ‘ on your answer also relates to one point. Therefore, your answer must be of good quality for it to help boost your profile.

  • Multiple tutors are able to answer the same question so make sure that your answer is the best it can be to showcase your knowledge and receive the most up-votes (Kudos!).

When submitting an answer on the forum, your profile will be visible and linked next to your answer. It is also the case that your answers will be viewable from your main profile page. This gives potential students direct access to your profile from your model answers and reassures viewers of your profile that you have the ability to help them before they book an introduction with you.

Tutors with more answers in their subject have a higher chance of receiving new students. As long as your answers are of a high quality.

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