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In this article, you will learn which day of the week your content performs best.

Maximize your efforts by planning your content

Before you head into creating content and adding value to others on LinkedIn, take 5 minutes and find the best day to post that content to maximize your efforts. Which day is the best to get maximum views, reactions, or comments? Is it a Monday or a Thursday? Use Shield's new feature "day labels" and find out.

What is it?

These are buttons for days of the week that you can select and de-select and find how well your content is performing on the selected day or days.

Where is it?

  1. Go to SHIELD

  2. Go into your workspace and head to the Content Report Section

3. On the Content Report Section, you will find the Day-Labels box right under the content type labels.

What to look for?

Click on the desired day and look for "Average Statistics" for each day and compare results.

Let's take an example; in the image below, you see my averages for Tuesday 👇

Now, if I compare this with Fridays, there is a clear dip in performance across all metrics 👇

Use this feature to plan your posting days!

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