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Who is eligible for a Shift SkillBridge internship?
Who is eligible for a Shift SkillBridge internship?

Learn who is eligible for Shift SkillBridge internships.

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Servicemembers transitioning from active duty are eligible to apply for a Shift SkillBridge Internship. Active Guard and Reserve service members are also eligible to participate (must be on active duty orders for duration of SkillBridge internship). In order to start a SkillBridge internship through Shift, transitioning service members must submit a Talent Spotlight Application.

Each branch of service has specific guidance on eligibility to participate in a SkillBridge program. To learn more about branch-specific requirements, click here.

At this time, the US Coast Guard is not eligible to participate in our SkillBridge internships. For more information on the Coast Guard's policy, click here.

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