Steps 1-4 can be completed simultaneously

1. Attend a Shift SkillBridge information session to learn more about the program and ask additional questions.

2. Contact your installation Career Skills Office (Army), Education Office (Air Force), Fleet & Family Support (Navy), or Marine Corps Community Services/MCCS (Marine Corps) to learn about your branch-specific approval process.

3. Speak with your chain of command about your desire to participate in a SkillBridge program and assess their support for your participation. Find out how many days within your last 180 they will approve for a SkillBridge internship.

4. Submit the Talent Spotlight Application for a SkillBridge Internship.

5. You’ll go “live” in the Talent Spotlight approximately 8 weeks prior to your projected SkillBridge start date. Companies may begin reaching out in order to request interviews for their SkillBridge opportunities. Once offered an internship opportunity, Shift will help you with any final approvals required by your branch of service.

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