Veterans and transitioning servicemembers who are interested in the Career Accelerator Program can sign-up at During the onboarding, they'll have the option to choose which program they'd like to apply for (you can apply for more than one program, however, choose just one to get started!) Below is an example of what a veteran would see during the initial sign-up.

*By completing the "Complete Your Basics" section of your profile, you can apply for our other programs without having to re-submit this information!*

Upon creation of a profile, candidates will have the opportunity to choose the cohort that best suits their needs (timeline, role type, etc.). You can view more details about each cohort, including dates, class days, and times, by selecting the cohort you are interested in.

Once an industry track has been selected, candidates will finish their application by answering a few short answer questions. The answers to these questions, along with the profile basics, help paint a picture for Shift of who the candidate is and what outcomes they expect from the program.

Upon completion of the application, they will receive a confirmation email that will include the day they can expect to receive a decision on their application.

Acceptance into the program is based on a variety of factors, however, each candidate's application will be thoroughly reviewed by the Admissions Team. Upon acceptance into the program, participants will be asked to submit the participation form they receive via email to verify their participation within 3 business days of acceptance. If we do not receive verification of participation, the participant's seat will be given to another candidate.

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