Transitioning Servicemembers and veteran candidates face steep barriers to entry when transitioning into new career fields. Due to the insular nature of military life, many of these candidates experience challenges translating their applicable experience into a new career field, not to mention navigating a complex new career path to find well-aligned opportunities. Shift’s Career Accelerator Program is designed to help transitioning servicemembers and veterans navigate these challenges. This is accomplished by meeting candidates at their initial point of interest, providing a uniquely collaborative cohort experience along with well-curated course materials and resources as well as direct access to highly knowledgeable industry mentors.

Our goal is not to be a skill academy - we are not here to train, certify candidates or teach them to do a job. Rather, our goal for each industry breakout track is to introduce participants to new and useful concepts, common tools, techniques, methodologies, and relevant insight into industry-specific organizational structures. The cohort style of learning which each track is based on provides an optimal environment for participants to practically apply learned concepts and techniques in a collaborative environment. This approach and environment empowers candidates to learn from each other and build strong networks with like-minded individuals, in order to confidently commence a new career path and pass along their experience and knowledge to other servicemembers and veterans to benefit from.

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