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A step-by-step guide to complete your profile basics.
A step-by-step guide to complete your profile basics.

Learn how to fill out your profile basics.

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After you've completed a profile, you'll be asked to fill out your Profile Basics.

The Profile Basics section takes about 3 minutes to complete and once you're done, you don't have to fill it out for any other program you apply for.

The profile basics give us a foundation of who you are and your military career.

Click Continue Application and move on to the Personal Information Form section.

Following the completion of the Personal Information Form, you'll be asked to fill out your Military Information Form > Resume > LinkedIn Profile > Profile Photo.

** The security clearance and separation date fields are not required to be filled to submit your application.

** When uploading a resume, be sure to use a .pdf format!

** The LinkedIn Profile section requires you to have https:// at the beginning of your LinkedIn URL!

** Lastly, the Profile Photo! Please be sure to follow the instructions listed and put your best foot forward when uploading a profile photo!

Once you've submitted your photo and saved it, you'll be taken to the next section of your application.

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